Hilary Mantel (1952-2022): Past Perfectionist

Shylashri Shankar

Hilary Mantel (1952-2022) humanised characters from history, as she was interested in where politics met psychology, where the private met the public

Beyond the Bias

Nobel Prize-winning author Daniel Kahneman re-examines human follies and suggests remedies

Foundation Compass

We synthesise our beliefs to suit our way of life

Left Alone

The psychological toll of recovering in isolation

The Other Side of Sanity

A writer’s struggle with bipolarity

Among the Good Believers

It may be a world ravaged by religious fury but several secular scientific studies show that faith makes people compassionate and socially responsible

New Kid on the Block

Inside the mind of the modern child

Can’t Stop Drooling

How the eroticification of popular media is changing urban desires

The Illusion of Immunity

What makes rapists feel they can get away with it?

Biases All the Way from Babyhood

How babies pick sides even before they learn how to speak


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