Pride Portraits

Chintan Girish Modi

Three artists from the subcontinent create online works of intimacy

Covid Proof

Upping the technology quotient during a pandemic

Ban and Boon

Domestic developers find an opportunity in the government’s ban on Chinese apps

Whispers in the Shadow

Is it the end of language as the digital reimagines what it takes to be human?

What’ in a Game?

A subculture around PUBG mobile has been gaining momentum during the lockdown

Facebook: Ad Twisting

The social media giant’s refusal to censor political speech leads to a boycott by corporate advertisers

A Sound New World

Independent musicians are recalibrating how they create and share music online

The Net Worth of Seeing

When the virtual gallery comes home

The Evils of Chatter

Bois Locker Room shows us how terrifying the world of teenagers can be, and how as a society we have let them down

The Online Posture

An ancient spiritual system takes a digital leap


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