Panaceas and Placebos

Khaliq Parkar

An avuncular treatise on how digital technology might lead us into a better future

Gig Jobs: The Slump Card

The dawn of white-collar gig jobs in a slowdown

Freedom from Babudom

A technology platform introduced in Haryana is transforming the government’s interface with citizens. Can it be replicated elsewhere in India?

Chinese Apps: Swipe Red

Chinese apps have become so popular in India that they are strong competitors to Facebook and Instagram

Web of Anxiety

Online ventures are at risk of a consumer backlash

Best of Web Series 2018

Must-watch online fare

‘I Wanted to Help Women Restart Their Careers’

Neha Bagaria, Founder and CEO, Jobsforher

The Second Opinion Market

The business of online medical consultation is taking off in India

The Lost Freedom of Cyberspace

From Barlow's declaration to Google's domination 


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