The Bone Supremacy

Dr Ambrish Mithal

Our body needs calcium. But how much?

Magical Marketing

The truth about fish oil capsules and apple cider vinegar

To Eat or Not to Wheat

The grain of truth in spite of better alternatives

Gluten Free? Think Again

The ultra-healthy way to become unhealthy

A Medal for Protein

A mandatory dietary guide for the sporting nation

The Fit Community of Fat Eaters

The Indian environment militates against a Low Carbohydrate High Fat lifestyle but a small number of adherents still find it worthwhile

Diet: In Praise of Dal-Rice

In following Western dietary guidelines, we have given up our own food wisdoms handed down the generations by the women in our homes

Food and the Nation

Fasting, feasting and the politics of food in India

Burn Fat the Spicy Way

A diet rich in capsaicin, the active ingredient in red chillies, burns fat more rapidly than an equivalent diet that lacks capsaicin.

Salt of the Chic

Common salt, did you say? These are boutique crystals, scraped from the Himalayas or harvested in France, bursting with health benefits and snob value. Go on, wake up and smell the salts


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