Rewriting the Body Code

Lhendup G Bhutia

A growing number of biohackers are consciously manipulating the mind-body system, from modulating brain waves to using genetic data for customised diets, to lead longer and better lives

The Three-Meal Problem

How to decide what to eat and when to eat

Fortifying Lives

India plans to overcome stunting and wasting in children by boosting the nutrient content of rice

Morel Value

Look who’s investing in luxury mushroom

Synergy at Last

The holistic budget combines health systems, water, sanitation, nutrition and air pollution

The Indian Masala Magic

Recipes don’t matter once you understand the science of flavours

The National Food Atlas: More Than A Mouthful

A new food atlas powered by the Ministry of Women and Child Development will help the country eat and produce better

Pandemic Diets

Will the coronavirus change what we eat and how we eat?

Caviar Capitalism

Since the Soviet Union collapsed, caviar has gone from being easily available to being less so; China has become its largest producer in the world; and luxury has gone from being all about global chic to local grunge

Fasting and Feasting

Can religion and diabetes go together?


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