Bad News

Madhavankutty Pillai

The government’s self-goal in trying to control what the media reports on the pandemic

News That Stays News

A harrowing and fully realised response to toxic events arising from urban decay

Literature Is News That Stays News

Writing fiction amidst headlines

Faith Heals

Don’t let yourself to be treated by news items

Mark His Words

The great storyteller of Indian journalism

The TV News Business Model

If nationalism has become a means to profit, blame the audience

Dateline Rwanda

A journalist brilliantly uses his craft to make sense of a post-genocide society where mass denial is a way of life

New Year Issue: Editor’s Note

A celebration of storytelling

Visa Vexation

Why must India and Pakistan rely on Western reports for news on each other?

“Do not let others define you”

The managing editor of TwoCircles.net, an English news website for Indian Muslims, speaks to Open on what makes his website unique.


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