A Muslim PM

Minhaz Merchant

Why it’s unlikely in the near future

Green Dreams

The memoir of a Muslim girl in Kerala seeking her identity

Hyderabad: Liberation or Integration Day?

The TRS and the BJP lock horns over 75 years of Operation Polo

A Court Gets It Right on Hijab

The path requires judicial sagacity and eschewing of activism on the part of the courts

The Root Cause

The tap of Hindu anger has burst open

Amit Majmudar: ‘There Are No Atheists in the Trenches’

Amit Majmudar’s tragicomic novel of friendship between a Hindu and a Muslim, during the First World War, shows a way to reconciliation and healing. The author in conversation with Urvashi Bahuguna

Who’s Afraid of Muhammad Ali Jinnah?

Let him not divide India further

The Irony of This War

Despite Obama’s strong words, the West is still groping for a response to Islamic State

Islam and Liberals

Islam and the trouble with liberal apologists


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