She’s Got the Groove

Poorna Swami

When rappers break all the rules

April Is Not the Cruellest Month

Spring is also a season of love and romance amid the blooming flowers

Prateek Kuhad: Heartbreak Party

Prateek Kuhad has become the most sought after voice of a generation. The singer-songwriter talks about his breakup album

S Rajam: The Complete Aesthete

Remembering S Rajam the master minimalist

Rama Vaidyanathan: Fine Balance

Rama Vaidyanathan expertly treads the line between classicism and popular appeal

Mumbai Notebook

The lost dream of a green city and the joy of Yo-Yo Ma playing Bach

Rajiv Menon: Between Beat and Rhythm

Music becomes a communitarian experience in Rajiv Menon’s new film. He talks about the art of breaking barriers in a conversation with Nandhu Sundaram

Best of Music 2018

From a rejoinder to gun culture to the sound of hope

Mumbai Notebook

Jinnah's house on Malabar Hill and daily blood on the tracks

To Gig or Not to Gig

The dilemma of choosing between the live and the recorded


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