Rebel Rap

Dipti Nagpaul

Singing against casteism

Pitch Perfect

Musical collaborations across genres make for fine onscreen drama

A Fistful of Music

From his home in Rome, the Italian composer changed the sound of Hollywood movies

A Sound New World

Independent musicians are recalibrating how they create and share music online

Little Richard (1932-2020): The King and Queen

Unapologetically Black and queer, he set the terms for a new genre

Rhythm for the Blues

The way we are listening to and creating music is changing in real time

Nationalist Anthem

The Gandhian way of music

Ustad Zakir Hussain’s ‘normal’

The versatility of the tabla maestro

The Streets Are Singing

The musical activism of Rahul Ram

Anthem and Salve

The poetry of resistance gains new audience


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