Songs of the Sisterhood

Karishma Kuenzang

Young women rappers strike a feminist note

Taylor Made

The Indian Swifties are a multiplying force and as passionate as the pop icon’s fans elsewhere

Palghat Ramprasad: Cheer Singer

Carnatic vocalist Palghat Ramprasad, who melds maths and music, sings an anthem for the cricket World Cup

Boys With Love

How the K-pop band BTS became a global sensation

An Unequal Music

Between the solitude of the Indian raga and the social notes of Western classical

Home Melodies

Indian Ocean’s first album in nearly a decade unites jazz and folk, rock and classical. Tatsam Mukherjee talks to the bandmates

Folk goes Feminist

Updating songs of the past to keep pace with today’s gender politics

‘This Is Not Fusion’

Innovation meets tradition in Amit Chaudhuri’s new album

Ludwig Van Beethoven: The DNA Symphony

Analysis from the great composer’s hair reveals many secrets


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