“I Am Not a Musician. I Am Only a Medium”

Shiv Kumar Sharma was a friend, philosopher and guide. A personal tribute by Vikram Zutshi

Music, Lyrics and Politics

Chasing the soundtrack of the election

Durga’s Rockers

In the eighties, a group of Bengali musicians lit up Delhi. Shaswata Kundu Chaudhuri tracks down the original members of Niharika and revels in their original timeless compositions

Notes of Limbo

Musicians create pared-down albums during the pandemic with a lean sound and deeper meanings

Sing Me to Sleep

The lullaby is finding its way into mainstream music culture

Bob Dylan@80: Like a Rolling Stone, Still

Even now, the legend is alert to change in music and taste and performs propped up by a piano

Amit Chaudhuri: ‘I place our music in our experience of distraction and listening’

Author and musician Amit Chaudhuri speaks to V Shoba about his new book on modernism in Hindustani classical music and ways to renew the art form

Hazrat Inayat Khan: A Sufi maestro in Moscow

Hazrat Inayat Khan moved to Moscow in October 1913 and spent an eventful seven months in the city, attaining celebrity status. He was one of the earliest proponents of Indian culture in Russia

Beyoncé: Primal Voice

How Queen Bae became a cultural icon and the Grammy’s most decorated singer


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