The Streets Are Singing

V Shoba

The musical activism of Rahul Ram

Anthem and Salve

The poetry of resistance gains new audience

Playing with Mozart

An unusual Western Classical duo injects fun into their concerts

Usha Uthup: Still Rocking

The sensational fifty years of Usha Uthup

The K-pop Wave

The obsessive love of the K-pop fan in India

Notes of Misadventure

Shubha Mudgal marks her fiction debut with a wonderfully tongue-in-cheek collection of stories set in the Hindustani classical music world

When Chai Met Toast: Hope Floats

A Kochi-based indie band sings of rains and floods

She’s Got the Groove

When rappers break all the rules

April Is Not the Cruellest Month

Spring is also a season of love and romance amid the blooming flowers


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