Mumbai 26/11

The Longest Night of Mumbai

Lhendup G Bhutia

Embers still burn within the survivors

Where Are the Beautiful People?

Our human rights activists who oppose capital punishment choose not to speak for Kasab. That’s cowardly.

You Are No Safer for This Verdict

The judge has spoken. Ajmal Kasab is guilty. Our Home Minister has declared that this is a message to Pakistan and a victory for India. Is it, really? Not a chance.

The Hangman of Jalgaon

If Ajmal Kasab has changed his mind about being a martyr and hopes to live, tough luck. Special Public Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam has secured the highest number of death sentences in the country, 37.

Wah Taj!

Two favourite haunts of the Mumbai elite have been restored to more than merely their former glory.

The Other Shooters

A tribute to some extraordinary photojournalists who brought us the first images of the terrorists—images we will never forget.

Still Sitting Ducks

How long do we go on congratulating ourselves for our resilience? Can we ever hit back at terror? Our intelligence and response systems are still in disarray, our shores remain extremely porous. India needs to get its act together very quickly

The Untouchables

It’s a police force that let the nation down on 26 November 2008. The author spent months meeting the men in uniform, from the brass to the beat constable, to get a grip on what really is wrong with the Mumbai force. The answer is a story of incompetence, political venality, corruption, lack of equipment and motivation. This is a force that has AK-47s but can’t afford to load them with bullets. Yes, we need to be scared.

For God’s Sake?

Doubting the faith that drives us

Terror in the Time of TV

Or when the calamity of others became the most riveting form of entertainment.


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