The First Indian

Lhendup G Bhutia

Who are we? A question as old as 74,000 years

The Great Migration Shift

Humans may have left Africa long before the accepted date of 60,000 years ago

The Great Diaspora

A new study finds that humans might have taken different migration routes from Africa

The Illiteracy of Influx Theorists

Those who blame Assam’s troubles on mass migration from Bangladesh don’t see that it defies simple economic logic

The Poetry of the Unsettled

A protagonist of great sensitivity and disaffection earns debut novelist Teju Cole formidable comparisons

Where are the Birds Going?

One Northern Shovelor went to Bihar instead of the Arctic. The patterns of bird migration in India are going awry

Bengal’s Descent into Darkness

What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow. If this old saying retains some relevance today, it’s as a way to place the tragedy of the state’s slide in perspective.

Waiting for Godwits

They practice ornithology in their backyards—naming little birdies with broken legs and studying the impact of global warming on transcontinental avian migrations

Collateral Damage, You Say?

What the inexorable march towards the creation of a global village is leaving in its wake.

My Migrant Soul

A look at the benighted fate of migrant labour who fall so easily for the lure of a better paying foreign job.


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