Our Right to Information

Jatin Gandhi

What ails Sonia Gandhi is a matter of public concern

Confessions of a surrogate protestor

“After a while, you do feel restless. People who sit next to you are sometimes not fully aware of the cause they are protesting for or against”

The Aftermath

How an inept police and an insensitive media made it worse.

Worse than a Daughter’s Death

A different view of the Aarushi murder case

No One Killed Jessica

The leading ladies shine, but the film rests on peripheral characters who fall woefully short

The Science and Stupidity of Homeopathy

The way the media reports science reflects its failure to question authority.

“The Ones Caught Will Brazen It Out”

As a writer-activist, Arundhati Roy has written about issues that mainstream media has largely shied away from. She has been targeted for her fiercely independent views on Kashmir, Maoists, the issue of displacement, and the nexus between politicians and corporates. In an interview with Open’s Rahul Pandita, Roy speaks her mind on the Radia tapes, calling it just “the top end of the problem”.

This Is Not Journalism as We Know It

In their response to Open’s X-Tapes exposé, Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghvi are defending the indefensible. Here is why.

The Buck Stops Here Too

After Open carried the transcripts of conversations between two iconic journalists and Niira Radia, a powerful PR person, the Indian media countered the story with strategic silence. A sacred code of Indian journalism had been broken.

Why India has No Paparazzi

The economics of candid celeb shoots puts red-hot paparazzism far beyond our reach in India.


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