Conversation, Rhetoric and Platitudes

Amit Khanna

Let us bring back traditional conversation. Face to face.

US wants to drop Julian Assange in a penal hellhole for life: John Pilger

America wants to deter the truth-telling Assange has inspired the world over, says renowned author and documentary filmmaker John Pilger

Is Democracy a Vaccine?

Covid and the poligarchy of India

Subverting the Narrative

The space for neutral journalism is shrinking

Truth Goes Underground

Afghan journalists, especially women, narrate their everyday ordeal

Fearing for her life, Afghan TV anchor wants to leave Afghanistan

Shabnam Khan Dawaran, whose video exposing the Taliban went viral, says she continues to receive death threats

Mumbai’s Mirror

Asia’s oldest newspaper turns 200

‘Malice Towards One and All’

Khushwant Singh once wrote that Indira Gandhi could not become a clerk in the Government she had most fortuitously come to head

A New Breed of Public Figures

Those who seek to combine an update on current affairs with gladiatorial entertainment


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