After the Talaq

Muslim personal law in the age of the diminished cleric

Open Diary

Religion, law and a run-in with Aadhaar

It’s Still A Man’s World

And the struggle must go on

Revolver Rani With a Difference

It was reported as a shotgun wedding in an Uttar Pradesh village. Omkar Khandekar searches for the truth

She’s Here to Stay

A writer emerges bruised but not broken from an abusive marriage

Female Qazis: Raising the Bar

India’s pioneering female qazis are pushing for a gender-neutral interpretation of Muslim law

The Love Story of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Ruttie Petit: An Explosive Affair

The love story of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Ruttie Petit starts like a Mills & Boon romance but turns into a Shakespearean tragedy

The Triple Talaq Blowback

Obscurantist clerics mount a campaign against recent moves to reform the Muslim Personal Law


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