‘Often when love is gained, it can start to feel unheroic,’ says Mansi Choksi

Aditya Mani Jha

Mansi Choksi’s book chronicles the lives of three young couples who chose love over all else. She speaks about what they gained and what they lost

Evolution Of the Role

Marriage, pregnancy and the changing stature of the Bollywood heroine

A Fair Match

At the Tarnetar Mela an age-old matchmaking tradition is practised even today

How Dynasties Rule Bollywood

A marriage brings out the clan power in the Hindi film industry

The Door Closes

When you marry a narcissist

An Anachronistic Justice

On the predictable response to the chief justice asking a rape accused to marry the victim

Viral Sexuality

Remote romance and other dampeners

The Freedom of the Ancients

A legacy strong enough for 21st century attitude to intimacy

Truth-Finding Mission

A gripping reportage of love and the politics of hate

Breakup? Rubbish!

It’s very uncharacteristic of Alia to flaunt her relationship


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