The Ghost of Salwa Judum

Rahul Pandita

Chhattisgarh’s shameful response to a police rampage

Olive Green in Red Zones

The Indian Army stiffens its anti-Maoist operations. But at what cost?

Adrift in Andhra

Maoists know the importance of the state. Could the same be said of the Centre?

The Marxists’ Private Army

The CPM denies it, but out in the wilderness there is evidence that the party is raising a militia armed to the teeth. “No guns in photos,” were the handlers’ orders to us

100lb Guerillas

Slightly built they may be, but you’d be a fool to take them lightly. Battle-hardened, fiercely committed to their cause and proud of the identity the movement gives them, the woman Maoists here are every bit as fierce as their male comrades.

The War is On

With Azad’s killing, the Centre has lost a big opportunity for peace with Maoists.

Children of the Revolution

Some of them haven’t even attained puberty. But Maoists think nothing of brainwashing them to their cause and thrusting guns in their unsuspecting hands, using them to fight armed forces, lay land mines and inform on their kith and kin. This is the story of thousands of lost childhoods.

Armed Indecision

Should the Army take on the Centre’s battle against Maoists? The Home and Defence ministries are at odds over the question. Here’s the state of the battle within.

The Men Who Feed and Fight India’s Maoists

The main accused charged for selling arms and ammunition to Maoists may have been working under protection of senior officers.

India This Week

Slipping in Some Unusual Places; Can’t Afford Celebrations; City-bred ‘Maoists’; Puppets Who Aid the UPA’s Survival; SC Sets Punjab House in Order


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