The Outcastes of a Liberated Zone

Supriya Sharma

In Abhujmaad, the choice Maoists offer is stark: confinement or exile

Once Again, the Same Nonsense

How can the abduction of a Collector and an MLA be an argument for talking peace with Maoists?

The Red Abduction Factory

Abductions have become the standard operating procedure of Naxal-Maoist insurgents, even as the Government flounders to formulate its own

Red Sunrise in the Northeast

Faced with reverses in the red corridor, Maoists are looking at this remote region for expansion

Revolt in Rohtas

Threatened by Kharwar tribals in this district, Yadav Maoists go on a spree of revenge killings

Communist Manifest Foes

As Maoists turn the heat on CPI cadres in Bastar, the latter find themselves in a double bind

The Ghost of Salwa Judum

Chhattisgarh’s shameful response to a police rampage

Olive Green in Red Zones

The Indian Army stiffens its anti-Maoist operations. But at what cost?

Adrift in Andhra

Maoists know the importance of the state. Could the same be said of the Centre?

The Marxists’ Private Army

The CPM denies it, but out in the wilderness there is evidence that the party is raising a militia armed to the teeth. “No guns in photos,” were the handlers’ orders to us


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