Mahatma Gandhi

A Political History of Hygiene

Siddharth Singh

Imagining Clean India from Gandhi’s ashram

A Loss of Character

The wild onrush of individualism and the vanishing sense of national purpose. Can India avert a moral decline?

Among the Believers

A temple for Narendra Modi and other shrines for politicians. A pilgrimage

The Shock and Awe Blogger

Markandey Katju and the utility of being outspoken

Nothing Is Sacred

Mohan Bhagwat’s criticism of Mother Teresa and the debate that followed bring out the twisted logic of Indian liberals

Memories of Champaran

Despite its vital historical role in the freedom movement, Champaran has been reduced to history textbooks

Where Gandhi Became the Mahatma

This village, where Gandhi put satyagraha to test for the first time in India, was until recently a crime haven. Signs of recovery are visible now

An Equal Faith

Gandhi used a temple agitation in Kerala to make it a larger movement for independence. The shrine of Shiva, an architectural marvel, continues to attract believers and nature lovers

Where the poppies blow between the crosses, row on row

When Indian soldiers defended what God abandoned and risked their life in the faraway fields of the First World War a century ago

Arundhati Roy’s ahistorical fiction

How the novelist in her simplistic rhetoric on caste got Gandhi wrong


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