Mahatma Gandhi

Was Savarkar Involved In the Plot to Kill Gandhi?

Vaibhav Purandare

The truth about the original Hindu Nationalist

Manu saw Gandhi as a woman, her mother

The relationship between Gandhi and his grandniece Manu

‘Savarkar escaped because nobody probed how Godse got an Italian revolver from a Gwalior dealer’

Tushar A. Gandhi, great-grandson of the Mahatma, backs Kamal Haasan's statement on Godse

Of Cheeks and Slaps

The conditions under which force may be used against government injustice and what India’s historical experience tells us about resistance

In the Nature of Art-full Politics

Painting on the canvas of freedom

A Study in Greatness

Gandhi and Mandela show us a path that remains ever relevant

Editor’s Note: The Truth of the Matter

Reading 'My Experiments with Truth' in the age of populism

When Gandhi Played Dronacharya

Sardar Patel’s loyalty to the Mahatma and Nehru’s rise to the top

The Power of Hunger

The weaponisation of fasting


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