Mahatma Gandhi

Why Savarkar had to be saved

Ravi Visvesvaraya Sharada Prasad

Patel and Morarji wanted to avoid communal violence and political instability at all costs

Lockdown Lessons from Gandhi

Finding your inner hermit

Nationalist Anthem

The Gandhian way of music

The Birth and the Debate

The text and context of 1950

‘Why I Am Proud to be a Hindu’

The liberating impact of Gandhi’s faith

Why We Protest

A brief history of angry streets

Was Ambedkar Anti-Islam?

Deconstrution of an icon

The Roaring Teens

The return to the decades that made the Mahatma — and the destiny of the subcontinent

On Gandhi and Gandhism

By his actions, Gandhi demonstrated the power of the powerless catapulting him as an icon of thought leadership for all times to come

Gandhi Against the Human Race

Why he focused on the darker aspects of universal ideals


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