Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi, the Father

Gopalkrishna Gandhi

A shared vein of political reflection makes the letters to his son Devadas special

Gandhi in Champaran

Testimonies of the indigo peasants played a pivotal role in making the Mahatma

Truth On Trial

On March 18, 1922, Gandhi pleaded guilty and won a moral victory

The End of Unpredictability

A breakout Budget reveals the prime minister's political confidence

How Our Leaders Failed to Save Gandhi from Godse’s Bullets

A tragedy of errors and apathy led to the assassination of the father of the nation on January 30, 1948

Gandhi’s Shadow

Living in the company of impending greatness

The End of Inevitability

The linear narrative of India’s freedom struggle and its unrealised possibilities

The Radicalisation of the Congress Mind

Words and actions of party leaders should not be seen in isolation but as part of a long process of ideological transformation

Who and Why?

The players, plots and the movement that led to Gandhi’s murder

Losing Swaraj

The ideal as articulated by Gandhi and Tagore


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