Lok Sabha

Cash for Questions

PR Ramesh

A brief history of an unholy parliamentary practice

After Rahul Who?

No Media | Surprise to the Speaker | Finding the CM Face | Rational Security | Press Archive | Staying In

Ram Nath Kovind: First Person Singular

It is not his Dalit identity alone that makes Ram Nath Kovind an ideal presidential choice

GST: The Life and Times of a Bill

The travails of the GST Bill bring out the best and the worst of Indian politics. Will Congress buckle under isolation?

Without Land or Leader

The revival of Congress now is far more difficult than it has ever been

Ticket to Pollywood

Why mass entertainment is a perfect training ground for a career in politics

Parliament: Six Decades of Decline

India’s Parliament turns 60

Missing Amar Singh?

Despite similar insistence by the PM, the FDI issue failed to see the Congress orchestrate a repeat of the Nuclear Deal triumph

The Political Education of Rahul Gandhi

He says he has learnt more outside Parliament than inside it. Stands to reason, given the two-time MP’s dismal appearance record in the Lok Sabha

After UP, a Congress Comeback in Bihar

The party got a big chunk of upper caste votes in the state.


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