A Bookworm’s Lockdown

MJ Akbar

A loincloth for Prince Philip and the Quran written in Saddam’s blood

Spirit of the Times

The homegrown craft gin movement is only getting bigger as more players jump into the fray

Nitish’s Catch-22

Not displaying adequate care for Bihari labourers could cost Nitish votes

A Hip-Flask Shot

And the agonies of an addled market

The Drunken Rats of Bihar

Or: the other side of prohibition

Mahua: Flower Power

Mahua, a humble tipple of the adivasis, finds its space under the liquor marketing sun

Why Prohibition is Doomed to Fail

A drunk person can be fined Rs 50,000 in Bihar

The Alcohol Muddle in Kerala

Despite judicial approval for the state’s liquor policy, the jury is still out on its efficacy

Loss of Sobriety

Kerala’s decision to ban liquor bars outside of five-star hotels could dampen the state’s economic spirits and spawn new vices

Drink in Peace

On the dive bar as a haven for the trend-bucking citydweller


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