A Divide That Isn’t

Sandeep Balakrishna

The North vs South rhetoric masks the ongoing de-Hinduisation beyond the Vindhyas

Amit Shah’s attack on Opposition precursor to no-trust debate

The Home Minister criticises the Opposition for forsaking merits of the Delhi Bill to save its newly minted alliance

Left, Right or Centre?

The ideological dyslexia of the thinking individual


How the Left lost the fight against inequality to the Right

India in the Time of Gandhi

Historian Ramachandra Guha has stirred up a controversy with his suggestion of a late 1940s collusion between the Left and Muslim communalists in Hyderabad, but the facts don’t justify his claim

Man of the Match

VS Achuthanandan may have ended up on the losing side, but he made the Left look respectable even in defeat.

Korechhi, Lodechhi, Jeetechhi

How Mamata Banerjee became the new Left in West Bengal

At a Complete Loss

Thirty-three years of uninterrupted Left rule in Bengal has left the state’s finances in a mess

Matua Millions for Mamata

A 12.5 million-strong sect in Bengal has ditched the Left and might vote en bloc for Didi because their guru wants them to.

The Next Gorbachev?

There’s something tragic about Buddhadeb having to preside over the decline of the Left in West Bengal


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