Baahubali: An Epic for the Right Times

TM Krishna

What is it that makes Baahubali a film that reflects the age of Narendra Modi?

Narendra Modi: The cultural revolutionary

The portrait of a leader who has altered the idea of being Indian


This is the story of three leaders in search of one India, still impatient

The Clever Panditji and the Emotional Netaji

Nehru bided his time and came out trumps. Bose rebelled against the mainstream and found himself as an unsuccessful De Gaulle

Glimpses of Leadership

The letters of India’s first Prime Minister to his chief ministers are lessons that are not always socialist in nation building

The Prime Minister is watching you

Do it or be damned. After closely watching Modi at work, we deconstruct the big message from the first ten days of the Prime Minister

Time to Walk The Talk

The country has grown weary of Rahul Gandhi’s reluctance to play a larger leadership role. About time he quit dithering

The Importance of Being Sonia

Why the Congress cannot do without her. And why that presents her with yet another political challenge

The Guru Who Sold His Wisdom

Robin Sharma on the need for overcommunication, usefulness of acronyms and uselessness of cynics.


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