The Mythmaker’s Last War

S Prasannarajan

Putin is not an accidental autocrat and a historian explains why

Notes of the Soil

The fifth edition of Delhi Contemporary Art Week celebrates female imagination and leadership

The Modi Mystique

His life and leadership offer a template for future politicians

Britain’s Rishi Test

Only the English are allowed to be condescending

Technocrat or Alchemist?

Choosing your new leader

The Radicalisation of the Congress Mind

Words and actions of party leaders should not be seen in isolation but as part of a long process of ideological transformation

The Boss Who Listens

Experts are never out of place in his court

The Limits of Leadership

Is the role of the individual in history overestimated?

The Last Mutiny

It’s the 75th anniversary of the naval insurrection that shook the empire. It’s also the story of how the rebellious sailors of the Royal Indian Navy were let down by a divided political leadership


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