Some Fake News Lasts For Ever

Yuval Noah Harari

Homo Sapiens is a post-truth species, whose power depends on creating and believing fictions

The Strongman Fetish

But we didn’t call the strongest of them strongmen then

Meltdown in London

It’s an absurd spectacle of democracy when the losers march for a vote on a vote

Zimbabwe: The Day After the Dictator

The liberator-turned-tyrant has fallen, the streets erupt to celebrate, and the breakaway dissenters take over. Freedom is still uncertain in Zimbabwe. From #OpenArchive

At Home In The World

This is Modi’s moment as the crisis of global leadership deepens

Reclaiming Sivaganga

Memories of the first resistance

The Temptations and Tantalisations of Politics

Politics today, as a genre in creativity, is as good as the original works in other realms of the human mind, be it fiction or philosophy

Underground Dalit Leaders: Band of Brothers

Kumar Anshuman meets the underground leadership of Dalit assertion in western Uttar Pradesh

Democracy on the Edge

It’s not just another form of government, it’s a social project


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