Home Alone

Bibek Debroy

There is more to Rajiv Malhotra’s latest book on Sanskrit than the usual Pollock pickle

Sneha Keshav: Mind the F Word

One woman’s mission to find suitable and fun alternatives to the four letter word

The Miseducation of Jharkhand’s Children

Imparted in a language they scarcely understand, the education seems designed to leave them unread

A Historical Sense

What Sanskrit has meant to me

The English Non Goddess

The outrage Rajnath Singh’s statement on English has evoked shows our genius at turning slavery into a virtue

Does Geography Impact language?

Yes, the lay of the land has a bearing on verbal communication

Do Women Really Talk More?

Yes. And this is because they possess higher levels of a key language protein

Jaw-Jaw with Jarawas

Pramod Kumar is one of the few researchers in the world who has interacted with this Andamanese tribe. He recently completed a PhD thesis on the grammar of their language

English Vinglish

It’s great to have Sridevi back on screen after such a long gap

The Death of an Indian-born Language

William Rozario, last speaker of Indo-Portuguese Creole of Cochin, died recently. When I had met him for my research on Creole languages, he was glad to speak his language again, even though I could only pick it up in parts


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