Jihad: Who Will Contain the Evil?

Tufail Ahmad

A global consensus on fighting jihad cannot wait any longer

Ayaan Heresy Ali

Conversation with a Heretic

What’s wrong with Islam?

Calling for a reformation movement in Islam, Ayaan Hirsi Ali in her new book argues that the problem with Islam lies within

Je Suis Charlie

Salute Charlie Hebdo, the magazine that refused to be on its knees before a god who is afraid of cartoons


Islam and Cricket Betting

Why it is easier for a religious person to be immoral

The Rage Against Burkha

In Europe’s furore over this garment worn by Muslim women, there is no clarity on why it should be banned, let alone how it gels with liberal values.

‘Indian Writing in English has Become Boring’

Hanif Kureishi on writing, racism and radical Islam.

Interrupted Faith

Ayaan Hirsi Ali once supported the fatwa on Salman Rushdie. Today, she believes that the notion that the US is attacking Islam is a conspiracy theory.

The Halal Way to World Peace

He is India’s most voluble Muslim on television today. Just who is Dr Zakir Naik?


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