Inconvenient Martyr

Pramila N. Phatarphekar

That a headscarf can cost someone her life is disturbing enough. That the world media looked the other way is worse

Burkha Rapper

Sofie Ashraf is an artiste of her times, a creative force informed by the post 9/11 world, a daring new voice like none other

The Burkha Rapper

“I work within the rules, but I find the little loopholes that allow me to do my own thing.” —Sofie Ashraf, 21

Giving Kasab a Chance

We are looking for a way to kill Ajmal Kasab. And we will find one soon. But the case for keeping him alive is equally strong

Hang Their Memories

Our contempt is the only thing the terrorists deserve.

Under Pressure

Up against an ongoing climate of suspicion, the American Muslim community takes control of its story—seven and a half years after 9/11


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