Hating Your Own

Minhaz Merchant

What makes Hinduphobia acceptable at home and abroad

The Victims Within

A hate campaign and other incidents in Andhra Pradesh expose the relentless persecution of Ahmadiyyas by Sunnis

Modernising Personal Laws

India will not sacrifice its diversity under a uniform civil code

Shawki Ibrahim Abdel-Karim Allam: Peace Messenger

The Grand Mufti of Egypt is on a mission to promote Islam’s relations with other faithsPr

Look Who’s Cancelling Hinduism

Targeted violence during festivals like Ram Navami has a long history going back to the Mughal era

Zakir Naik: Problem Preacher

His presence in Qatar led to a diplomatic imbroglio

The Unity of Dharma

The exceptionalism of India’s religious history

The Sanatani Accords

The Sanatani Accords: A Hindu-Muslim amity pact for India@75


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