Irom Sharmila

Mothers and More

Sharanya Manivannan

The spirit of being women in action

Iron Sharmila: Tactical Error

Why Iron Sharmila should have contested when she was fasting

The Legend of Sharmila

And the dynamics of Manipur

The Music of Politics

A band with quiet ambition that features a stand-up comic, a Bollywood lyricist and a seasoned alternative musician is like a house of cards waiting to crash. But Aisi Taisi Democracy is a brilliant act you may never have heard of

Will the Real Irom Sharmila Stand Up?

The political activist’s poetry suggests that in many ways, she is now a victim of her own sacrifices

Just Another Massacre

Sinam Ongbi Chandrajini lost two young sons and a sister when Assam Rifles personnel arbitrarily opened fire on civilians in Malom in 2000. It was the horror of this incident that led Irom Sharmila to begin her fast against AFSPA

Love in the Time of AFSPA

Irom Sharmila’s quest for an ordinary life

Irom in Her Soul

Theatre artiste Ojas SV has taken Irom Sharmila’s story to 15 states with her moving solo production

Iron Lady of Manipur

Irom Sharmila believes a book has power. She’s right, the story of her life does carry the power to torment our conscience.


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