Indian history

Ma Ganga by Another Name

Ram Madhav

The Mekong region and our Gangetic civilisation share an ancient past that enriched both

Temptations of a Greater India

The legacy of an ambitious project in history

Open Diary

The skull of Alum Bheg and the message from Tripura

Nehru vs Patel: Unity in Diversity

Let Narendra Modi too bring Nehru and Patel together in his vision for India

Nehru vs Patel: The Towering Two

Nehru and Patel didn’t fight. They worked as a team from Independence to Patel’s death in 1950, with Nehru as the leader.However, these two towering personalities were never similar. Their approaches were divergent. In time, they would probably have parted ways. That parting didn’t happen

The Uses and Abuses of What-if History

A past powered by the Dissenting Strongman and the Dreamy Intellectual enriches the legacy of freedom—and the political content of the present

Nehru Vs Patel: Dissimilar Disciples, Common Cause

Gandhi’s close allies Nehru and Patel had huge differences but they were not the opponents often made out to be

Vallabhbhai Patel: Iron in the Soul

The unifier of India deserves better from his country

Padmaavat Movie Review

The sheer pointlessness of this movie - as entertainment, as quasi-history, as fairy tale, and as a contemporary political tool - is flabbergasting

The Power of Absurdity

Karni Sena and the nature of the agitating beast


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