Indian history

Who Are We?

Mani Shankar Aiyar

Tracing the evolution of India’s unique identity

Updating History

New discoveries mean erasing some of the old

Salman Rushdie Comes Home

Words sustain life in his new novel set in India. It’s a fairy tale of the present accentuated by history and mythology, written by a storyteller schooled in the epic Fabulism of the East

A Future for History

The digital museum of epigraphy will make the past interesting and accessible to everyone

To Die or Not to Die

The perils of a binary reading of sources at odds with a complicated reality

The Making of an Indophile

Wendy Doniger’s early impressions of the country, written in her 20s

Power and Religion

The complex evolution of cultures and societies in the Deccan

Naval Mutiny and the War on Memory

On the anniversary of the naval mutiny, remembering how Utpal Dutt’s 1965 play memorialising the event had landed him in jail


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