Indian Army

The Two Farooq Ahmed Dars of Kashmir

Rahul Pandita

The curious case of two Farooq Ahmed Dars and New Delhi’s misplaced priorities in Kashmir

The Spy Who Came From the Cold

The story of Bhagat Ram Talwar is a valuable addition to the literature on intelligence operations

The Banality of Cruelty

Every time Pakistan does something dastardly, there is a demand for an effective Indian response. Is there another option?

Fire and Ice in Kashmir

As the LoC flares up, the Valley calms down

Between Shouters and Doubters

India is the loser in the clash between soapbox nationalists and self-righteous proof-seekers

100 Special Commandos Took Part in Surgical Strikes Across LoC

After the surgical strikes, India security forces have been put on high alert

Balochistan: And the Mountains Echoed

Balochistan’s underground movement for freedom, with its leadership in exile, gets an Indian impetus

Radicalisation of the Kashmiri Mind

India is the enemy a generation is raging against in the Valley

Machil Fake Encounter Case

This is the first case in the Kashmir Valley in which Indian soldiers have been awarded life terms for human rights violations


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