Indian Army

Half the Battle Won

Amita Shah

The question is whether it will be extended to the personnel below officer rank, and to the Navy and Air Force as well

A Political Gamble

An unusual strategy for growth

Time to Woman Up

On ridiculous arguments against women in combat and command positions in defence forces

In the Mad Waters of Kashmir

A dispatch from the Valley

“Give me a chance”, Rashid Engineer begged his interrogators

Former J&K MLA arrested by NIA in terror-funding case even asked a top army commander for help

Army Adopts ‘Cash on Delivery’ to Hunt Out Terrorists in J&K

With elimination of top terrorist commanders in mind, Army puts in place a new model

Kashmir: Josh Gone Awry

Brashness inspired by a Hindi film cannot help in Kashmir

Open Diary

In memory of Indian martyrs of the Great Wars

Sajjan Singh Rangroot Movie Review

Had the film a more generous budget for the battle scenes, the flaws in the screenplay may not have become so transparent


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