Indian Army

The Second Front

Rahul Pandita

Pakistan-based terrorist groups re-enter Jammu’s Poonch division after nearly two decades

Never Give In

A soldier’s memoir is the story of Indian Army too

India Draws a Red Line

While steering clear of escalation that both sides may not be able to control

Post-Ladakh disengagement, India will carry out “normal” patrols along LAC

China and India agreeing not to mass troops, 28-month face off leaves PLA with no gains

China’s withdrawal from patrol point 15 will mark return to April, 2020 status quo

Disengagement at last friction point after prolonged stale mate comes ahead of communist party congress that will give Xi Jinping third term as general secretary

The Sudden Death of a Protest

The government had learned its lesson and moved fast to quell the violent agitation against the Agnipath scheme with a tailored message and effective action

Normalising the Northeast

There was a case for reviewing AFSPA and removing the law selectively but it may still be premature to repeal it

Nagaland: A Fragile Peace

Only a thorough investigation of the Army operation that went wrong in Nagaland and justice for the victims can restore calm

Can’t Share Details of Missing Troops Along LAC: MoD

It is sensitive information, says ministry in response to a query on casualties in this year’s skirmishes along the India-China border

Winter is Coming

The psychological divide between the enemy lines


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