A Time for Ecosophy

Aseem Shrivastava

The Corona Condition is a last gentle warning from the gods

When History Stands Still

Consolations from the trauma-ridden past of India

Questions of Belonging

The Deoliwallahs reminds us that the journey from citizen to foreigner is a short one

Religious War Inc

The life of an extraordinary jihadist and where it fits in the sweep of history

An Idea Between the Covers

America was the New Jerusalem. It is still the Promised Land. That is not a complete picture but it is how the America we know began. From Henry James’ wilderness with ‘nothing’ in it, the US quickly grew to lead the world, economically, militarily and intellectually. A big country, a lot of things have happened in its brief timeline, and everything has mattered. Below is a list of 10 books, fiction and non-fiction, that span most of the country’s history as the ‘United’ States of America and explain how it was made—and continues to be remade

The Philosopher Who Would Be King

It is hard not to think that India would have been a very different country under Dara Shukoh

Hastinapur Calling

Our collective memory should not come in the way of history

An Age of Upheaval and Liberation

A return to the turbulent 1960s at the beginning of a new decade

A History of Forking Paths

The countdown to the post-post-World War II age has begun

A Magical Mystery Tour of Rome

The many myths of the historical Italian capital


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