General Election

Modi Scene Two: Enter the Alchemist

S Prasannarajan

The rise of Narendra Modi marks a cultural shift in the Right’s management of power

Saffron Star Over Bengal

What will Syama Prasad Mookerjee make of his home state today?

The Meaning of the Mandate

Modi becomes the first Prime Minister since Indira Gandhi to return to power with an absolute majority for his party

The Name of the Change

Modi, as man and idea, is a layered construct

The Price of a Wink

A dynasty which once sprinkled stardust has been reduced to sawdust

Open Diary

Never before had so many intelligent people been so blinded by their prejudices

Therapy for Anxious Liberals

To look at Narendra Modi as just a regular politician driven by similar impulses

Memes in Hope of Private Utopia

As his opposition remained entangled in useless wisecracks, Modi fused majority concerns with nationalism to create a winning cocktail

The Redundancy of the Elite

How Modi wrested back control of communicating with India from political and intellectual cliques

Amit Shah: Master of the Machine

Amit Shah is already planning 2024. A portrait of the ace organiser


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