General Election

Open Diary

Swapan Dasgupta

The blame game in the Congress

How Modi Won the Status War

The sociology of a landslide

The Fall of Yadavastan

Power discards the already diminished socialist families


Post-election blues, satta bazaar and Arun Jaitley's health

Big Bang Bengaluru

BJP’s spectacular performance in Karnataka heralds the end of a discredited government and a decrepit coalition

Modi 2.0: The Time for Vishwas

With inclusiveness as a new mantra, the Prime Minister’s outreach to minorities will be a new mould of progress and development for all

Modi Scene Two: Enter the Alchemist

The rise of Narendra Modi marks a cultural shift in the Right’s management of power

Saffron Star Over Bengal

What will Syama Prasad Mookerjee make of his home state today?

The Meaning of the Mandate

Modi becomes the first Prime Minister since Indira Gandhi to return to power with an absolute majority for his party

The Name of the Change

Modi, as man and idea, is a layered construct


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