General Election

Beware Yogi 2029

Why Adityanath strikes fear into the heart of the Left-Congress ecosystem

Politics without Arun Jaitley

I miss a dear friend who was also a teacher

In Praise of the Indian Voter

The redeeming surprises of a volatile democracy

Open Diary

The blame game in the Congress

How Modi Won the Status War

The sociology of a landslide

The Fall of Yadavastan

Power discards the already diminished socialist families


Post-election blues, satta bazaar and Arun Jaitley's health

Big Bang Bengaluru

BJP’s spectacular performance in Karnataka heralds the end of a discredited government and a decrepit coalition

Modi 2.0: The Time for Vishwas

With inclusiveness as a new mantra, the Prime Minister’s outreach to minorities will be a new mould of progress and development for all


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