An Equal Life

Zakia Soman

A manifesto for greater gender equality

Half the Battle Won

The question is whether it will be extended to the personnel below officer rank, and to the Navy and Air Force as well

Time to Woman Up

On ridiculous arguments against women in combat and command positions in defence forces

Margaret Atwood: The New Testament

Margaret Atwood’s sequel to her cult novel is marked by the same urgency of cultural zeitgeist and prophetic resonance that made the publication of the original a literary event 34 years ago

The Right to Desire

Women need to fulfill their sexuality and conservative societies must give them the space for it

The Business of Selling Empowerment

Pop culture feminism has become an advertiser’s dream

Women at Risk

The gender bias of diabetes

The Mystery of Mixed Messages

Enid Blyton’s storytelling as a crash course in patriarchy

First Women

Reimagining Sita and other neglected female characters


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