The Sacred Ash

Bibek Debroy

It is Shiva’s form and purifies the three worlds

Flowing Far

The benefits of river rejuvenation extend to water and food security, tourism and recreation

The Flow of Time

Rivers that run through the cultural history of India

A River Runs through It

Coursing along India’s riparian culture

Prayagraj and Kumbh

The sacred and the civic on the Ganga

Bramhachari Atmabodhanand: The River Warrior

One man’s struggle to save the Ganga

Clash at the Confluence

The two ideas of Prayagraj

In a Sacred Grove

In praise of eco-friendly Hinduism

Ma Ganga by Another Name

The Mekong region and our Gangetic civilisation share an ancient past that enriched both

Gangetic Blunders

The entwined fate of the river and the country


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