foreign policy

Modi Embraces History in Israel

Anchal Vohra

India chooses its partner of the future as an anxious Middle East watches

President Trump Fires a Missile

Finally America shows global leadership by launching an air strike on Syria. Still, what’s Donald Trump’s strategic vision?

The World According to the Donald

If Trump succeeds in revamping US foreign policy, he will set the stage for a true partnership with India

The Sober Realist

Shivshankar Menon places five defining moments of Indian foreign policy in the long sweep of history

Thank God No Margarita for Modi

Skipping the NAM summit is Modi’s heroic effort to retrieve India from the last morasses of ideology

Diplomatically Hindu

A provocative thesis questions the Western fundamentals of diplomacy and argues for an Indian way of engaging the world

C Raja Mohan: World Connection

Over time, he has emerged as one of India's top strategic experts who could inspire a shift from the status quo

India’s Foreign Policy: The Foreign Hand

Has India outsourced foreign policy to American think tanks?

The Futile Seat

Modi should not waste his time on the UN

Where Passion meets Purpose

The pace of overall reforms has been slow but Prime Minister Modi scores full marks in foreign policy


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