foreign policy

Heavy Mettle

Minhaz Merchant

India’s geopolitical options have expanded despite Ukraine

Decolonising the Mind

Narendra Modi has given Indians their confidence back

Political Power

The end of bipartisan consensus on Indian foreign policy?

Curzonian Foreign Policy

Curzon’s strategic vision is slowly finding a place in India’s foreign policy objectives

Naftali Bennett: The Observant Prime Minister

Israel’s new leader has to be many things he is not

What Makes Foreign Ministers Tick

From the long-serving Andrei Gromyko to the era-defining Henry Kissinger, it has been a job unlike any other

A New Uncertainty

The momentum towards deeper US-India strategic collaboration could slow if Joe Biden’s foreign policy returns to an accommodationist approach towards China

The Jaishankar Doctrine

Rethinking India’s engagement with its enemies and friends

Advantage Gotabaya

Gauging the popular mood in Sri Lanka

The Moralistic Impulse

Do values determine foreign policy?


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