Notes from the Winter Garden

Shylashri Shankar

Plants, like people, can have hybrid personalities too

The Fragrance of Nature

How to create the spirit of a Monet in your garden

The Sun’s Flowers

In summer the whole effort in a garden is geared towards saving the plants

Mahua: Flower Power

Mahua, a humble tipple of the adivasis, finds its space under the liquor marketing sun

Natural Beauty

A recreation of memories of flora in watercolours

Flower Recycling: Ankit Agarwal, 26 Co-Founder, Help Us Green

“People thought we were crazy—who spends time working with rotting flowers from the river?”

The Name of the Rose

Colour, class and tradition in a vase. The meditations of a flower girl

The Tree of Life

What that flower bed by the front door can do to your life

Confessions of a flower vendor

We see real-life romance daily. Lovebirds from a local college come regularly. And many Romeos get spurned here


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