Arindam Mukherjee

The Call of the Cloud

Adobe will only offer its software on an online cloud and no longer sell CDs. Is this a smart strategy for India?

21 April 2014
True Life
‘Put the CBI Under the Judiciary’

Trinath Mishra on his refusal to give in to political meddling, which led to his decision to bow out of the agency after just 14 months

22 May 2013
Blood on the Border

A new crop of writers are adapting the the tried-and-tested spy thriller to an Indian context, for an Indian readership, with a familiar villain

20 April 2013
Art & Culture
The Forgotten Plagiarism of Tagore

How he ‘inadvertently’ put another poet’s works in his collection and why the episode remained unknown

13 January 2013
Art & Culture
Jewel beyond the Crown

Thanks to Bollywood, the exquisite Jadau jewellery of Bikaner is no longer the exclusive preserve of royalty

18 October 2012
Indian Evolution: from Apes to Apps

The five most useful smartphone apps designed by Indians for Indians

01 April 2012
The Last Moments of Paana

The dramatic story of Paan Singh Tomar’s death, as reconstructed from the accounts of two eyewitnesses. On one side, a former police officer who led the encounter that killed him. And on the other, the dacoit’s nephew and former gang member who survived that 12-hour gunfight in October 1981

25 March 2012
Jagjit Singh

Singh recorded more than 80 albums in a career spanning four decades

15 October 2011
Confessions of an Autorickshaw Driver

“Auto drivers don’t have the right to check what people carry with them. I don’t know what they might be leaving behind”

03 October 2011
Confessions of a flower vendor

We see real-life romance daily. Lovebirds from a local college come regularly. And many Romeos get spurned here

26 September 2011


Shylashri Shankar

Shylashri Shankar is a senior fellow at the Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi

Mehr Tarar

Mehr Tarar is a well-known Pakistani columnist and author

Nanditha Krishna

Nanditha Krishna is a historian, author and environmentalist, and director of the CPR Institute of Indological Research in Chennai

Makarand R Paranjape

Makarand R Paranjape, director, Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla, is the author of the forthcoming book Swami Vivekananda: Hinduism and India’s Road to Modernity. Views are personal

Sumantra Bose

Sumantra Bose is Professor of International and Comparative Politics at the London School of Economics and Political Science. His next book, Secular States, Religious Politics: India, Turkey, and the Future of Secularism, will be published in early 2018 by Cambridge University Press


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