Cinemas of Resistance

Khaliq Parkar

Namrata Joshi writes a rich record of non-mainstream films in India

Style & Substance

Heroines as trendsetters

A Big Heart

What big stars, big budgets and big banners have lined up for the big screen

Sean Baker: ‘I don’t think films can be born out of computer screens’

Sean Baker’s The Florida Project is an inspiring slice-of-life tale. The American filmmaker tells Divya Unny about his unusual subjects and methods

Rima Das: Fairy Queen

As her film heads to the Oscars, the Assamese director Rima Das shares the thrill with Divya Unny

Open Diary

The impact of the MeToo campaign

Adil Hussain: Actor à la Chef

Adil Hussain connects with strangers by cooking them his favourite dishes

Beyond The Clouds Movie Review

It is a film of piquant melodrama, staged in a manner that is quite unlike the style of Majidi


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