Atul Dodiya: Play and Pause

Lhendup G Bhutia

Atul Dodiya freezes moments from the films of yesteryear in his signature realistic style

Pupils and Patriots

Comic book retellings to the great Indian family story

Darbhanga Calling

With minimal budgets and skeletal crews, indie filmmakers from Bihar tell of dreams and displacement, love and revolt

In Step on Screen

Dance films allow performers to showcase their art and tell innovative stories

The Brutal Honesty of Kim Ki-duk (1960-2020)

The celebrated and controversial South Korean director’s films were replete with gore, violence and sex, but they also exposed our hypocrisies

Back to the Future

The way forward for Indian science fiction onscreen

The Changing Face of Media

In a society where multiple media are consumed simultaneously, traditional media are being forced to adapt

A Conversation with Joaquin Phoenix

‘I never really felt that I got to a place where I understood the character,’ says Joaquin Phoenix

Cinemas of Resistance

Namrata Joshi writes a rich record of non-mainstream films in India


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