Marked for Life

Sandipan Deb

Meet a girl with a tattoo who could haunt you for a long time to come.

Phantoms of the Mind

A novel about ghosts that are as real as the evil in human hearts

Minute Made

We bring you ‘Postmortem’, a short story by Amitava Kumar, which was a contender for the Three-Minute Fiction contest on US National Public Radio.

The Indian Art of Murder

We know Sherlock ‘elementary’ Holmes, we know Hercule ‘little grey cells’ Poirot and we know Philip ‘I collect blondes and bottles’ Marlowe. Now, several writers are making a pitch for the next great detective—from India

Bedtime Stories

Writer and filmmaker Ruchir Joshi on the pleasures of ‘acceptable porn’, the joys of Savita Bhabhi and his new anthology of erotic stories

A Life Less Ordinary

This Orange Prize winner lays bare the fissures in seemingly perfect relationships.

The Power of Fiction

If the Jesus story is mostly a fabrication, it could yet let me outdo Dan Brown.

Oh, for a Book to Ban!

‘Satanic Verses’ was banned 20 years ago. In all the navel-gazing contemporary Indian fiction, where’s the book that has the power to offend?

A la Carré

It’s not always that a spy thriller is the inspiration for a piece of literary fiction

Writ of the Moving Hand

What is it about fiction that sends us recoiling towards poetry?


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