Grooving Granny

Rati Girish

Stories for young readers, from grandparents who audition for dance shows to a scatological mystery in an apartment block

Dog Days

Stories from Gorakhpur where fact and fiction merge

Fantastical Futures

Short stories where reality is delivered with many a twist

Heart, Humour and Horror

When the killer is unveiled through a slow unveiling of emotions

Many Indias

From the early masters to contemporary stars

Spot the Killer

Buried secrets in the labyrinth of family relationships

Mothers and Daughters

A journey into lost love and its lingering trauma

Through a Lens Lightly

Young-adult fiction that shines a light on the contemporary world

Searching for Orwell

Fantasy and reality tell of a struggling writer from Bihar

Intimate Watching

Detectives with cool, rational minds who need to see justice done


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