Reading Fast and Slow

Mini Kapoor

Try taking up a book one page at a time

The Earthspinner

An excerpt from award-winning author Anuradha Roy’s forthcoming novel

Forbidden Intimacies

A debut short story collection from Pakistan lays bare power and desire

Curfewed Lives

An archive of trauma and psychic wounds from Kashmir

Scandinavia, A to Z

The real-life world of Nordic noir

Feasting on Fear

Inside the subcontinent’s house of spirits

Does Fate Exist?

Stories shaped by bereavement, loss and abandonment

The Road to Redemption

A debut collection about characters at crossroads

Delhi Noir

Mirza Ghalib is a detective in this historical novel by Raza Mir

Back to Badaun

Sonia Faleiro’s true crime reads like a thriller and tells of north India’s many faultlines


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