The Opening Punch

Kinshuk Gupta

Chaos unfurls when vendetta is ill conceived, and a bag of riches is to be found

‘Intuition is very smart, smarter than analyses or mere intellect,’ says George Saunders

George Saunders has a cult status in contemporary fiction. In his new short story collection, the American author explores power and ethics, love and morality. He speaks to Open about creating characters with tenderness

Languorous Unfoldings

An anthology by young writers that spans Mughal nostalgia to present dystopias

Kamila Shamsie: The Anatomy of a Friendship

In her new novel, Kamila Shamsie moves between Karachi of the late 1980s and London of today. She speaks to Open about how childhood bonds can fray and strengthen over time

Eternal City

A poetic battle to write and find love in a new place

Entwined Lives

Amit Majmudar’s new book fictionalises a comparative study of Gandhi and Jinnah

Goa of the Mind

Imagining the sweep of diversity

Fractured Lives

A daughter’s quest for her father helps her find herself

‘Character means everything to me in my writing,’ says Monica Ali

Monica Ali’s new novel deals with love and betrayal, race and gender. She speaks to Nandini Nair about interrogating stereotypes


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