Beyond Kashmir

Shashi Tharoor

India’s problem with Pakistan is the nature of the beast itself

Kamal Haasan: A Star in Search of a Bigger Sky

A mega movie. A political battle. And still not playing to gods. It's the role of a lifetime for Kamal Haasan

The Bloody Biography of Change

By all accounts, India is not a factor in the election. Is this because the consensus on India is so strong across Pakistan’s political divides that no party gets extra mileage by wrapping the flag around itself?

Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll

An Indian love child and other wild revelations. Former wife Reham Khan shames Imran in her memoir

Imran Khan and the Struggle for a New Pakistan

Imran Khan is hopeful of winning the Pakistani General Election on July 25th. Despite his legendary U-turns and his never-changing mantra of ‘me-myself-I’, there is one thing that remains unquestioned in an environment where corruption is a way of life: his financial integrity. He is many things but he is not corrupt. And Pakistan is everything for Imran Khan

Voting Together

Time for a debate on simultaneous elections

The Poor Will Pave the Way for 2019

What’s cooking in the countryside?

From America First to America Alone as Trump Rages

Donald Trump retreats from the international system the US built

Cambridge Analytica: The Foreign Hand

A proposal by the tainted Cambridge Analytica details how it can revive the Congress

The Network Problem: Lessons From the Facebook Scandal

Mind control by machines is a serious threat to democracy


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