Rahul Gandhi in Hibernation

Jayanta Ghosal

His only political activity seems to have been visiting his constituency in Kerala twice after the Lok Sabha election

Kashmir’s Year of Trial

Building faith in the democratic intentions of the Union Government will be a long haul

Open Diary

Media is becoming marginal to national existence

Mumbai Notebook

A season of political books release and the fascinating story of Freda Bedi

R Ashwin’s Bad Week

Blindsided twice, a desire to win and a voting conundrum

The Gender Card

The outrage at the Pollachi sex abuse racket gives Opposition politicians a foothold in the battle to win the trust of women, a constituency methodically cultivated by MGR and Jayalalithaa

A Political Thriller

Two former Election Commissioners detail the grandeur of the largest democratic experiment on earth

The Rise of NOTA Power

What do the protest voters want?

The Showdown in Tamil Nadu

Both BJP and Congress hope to gain by piggybacking on AIADMK and DMK, which in turn are stitching up patchwork alliances with smaller parties

Southern Rethinking

The man behind DMK’s social media strategy works towards a Dravidian makeover


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