Javier Milei: The Anti-Perón

Sudeep Paul

Argentina has voted for radical change but not a complete break from populism

Rahul Gandhi’s Photo-Ops

How the growing up process of the 53-year-old Congress princeling remains incomplete

Sunak In Search of a Miracle

As 2024 looks scary, can he do a vintage Boris Johnson?

Freebies to Lure Voters

The whole big bouquet of revadis, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi calls them, that the Karnataka Congress offered, does not seem to have surpassed anything that Kejriwal may have done thus far to get ahead in elections

The Dynastic Archipelago

Opportunism is the signature of Indonesian elections

Return to the Ballot

The first election in after the abrogation of Article 370 is a test but the home ministry seems ready to take the call

Democracy at Stake

Celebrate the spirit of the Constitution instead of swearing on it

Congress: Decline and Fall

Congress’ humiliation in Munugode marks its steady erasure as the main opposition in Telangana but as bypoll results elsewhere show, the party’s crisis does not end with one state

Benjamin Netanyahu: Bibi Is King Again

But his new partners are uncharted territory for Israel and its longest-serving prime minister

Liz Truss: The Unlikely Tory and the Unlikelier Thatcherite

Britain’s new prime minister will have no honeymoon period and will struggle to keep the party in office till the next general election


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