93 and the Good Life

Jayanta Ghosal

Natwar Singh has just turned 93 and he remains his sprightly self

Emmanuel Macron: Mr Europe

A divided France and a delighted EU await the re-elected president

The Order of Disorder

The Prime Minister’s security breach in Punjab highlights the increasingly extra-parliamentary nature of protest

Safe Distance?

There is now speculation that Nitish Kumar is again planning to change his political alignment and laying the ground to distance himself from BJP for the 2024 General Election.

The Ultimate Prize

Mamata is taking her Mission Goa seriously

Can Smriti Irani Repeat Amethi?

She is expected to take on not just Rahul Gandhi but also nullify the Priyanka Gandhi factor

Please Listen to Mohan Bhagwat

Neo-Hindutva and the challenge to national unity

Three Cheers for Democracy

What matters most is not the divinity of elections but the dignity of winning as well as losing

The Unargumentative Indian

Why India does not see US-style presidential debates


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