Election Almanac

Krishnan Srinivasan

A handy reference to Indian electoral history and beyond-the-ballot events

Into That Heaven of Freedom…

Imagining an ideal India in the time of elections

Stringent Restrictions

To ensure elections were sanitised beyond recognition

Imran Khan: Down but Not Out

Imran Khan could offer an opportunity that India must not forego

Déjà Vu in Pakistan

Economic recovery will be slow amidst political instability no matter who wins the election

The Hasina Homerun

How Delhi can make the most of its ties with Dhaka

Javier Milei: The Anti-Perón

Argentina has voted for radical change but not a complete break from populism

Rahul Gandhi’s Photo-Ops

How the growing up process of the 53-year-old Congress princeling remains incomplete

Sunak In Search of a Miracle

As 2024 looks scary, can he do a vintage Boris Johnson?

Freebies to Lure Voters

The whole big bouquet of revadis, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi calls them, that the Karnataka Congress offered, does not seem to have surpassed anything that Kejriwal may have done thus far to get ahead in elections


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