Modi in UAE: Bridging the Gulf

Harsh V. Pant

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the UAE presages a new role for India in a geo-politically important region

Modi’s Tryst with the ‘Stans

Modi’s Central Asia visit was a good start, but he will have to give it a sustained focus so that the region doesn’t end up being a Chinese backyard


Lame duck President meets rampant Prime Minister

The Lady India Loved to Hate

The fall of Robin L Raphel and an old diplomatic peeve

Uses of Ambush Diplomacy

Modi understands the importance of a friendly near abroad to realise India’s great power aspirations

Salute the rising sun

The new PM should respond positively to Shinzo Abe’s offer of broad strategic cooperation

Diplomatic Convergence

Moscow and New Delhi are updating an old friendship. Vladimir Putin’s visit to India has made that much clear.


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