Here’s a Trust Vote for an Open Market

Aresh Shirali

Let’s face it, market forces deserve a chance as agents of change

‘India needs to be intimate with China’

In an interview with Open, writer Martin Jacques sounds a wake-up call for India: engage China or prepare to endure its hegemony

Sunrise in the East

India needs to keep the Chinese factor in mind while engaging with Myanmar

The American Autumn

The wave of protests in American cities has been variously panned as leaderless, rudderless, purposeless... but perhaps America is rediscovering the messy nature of democracy

Death on the Nile

Egypt’s date with democracy still looks faint on the horizon

Why Politics Matters

Ideas do not count for much. You might hate this but you better lump it. For it really is the will of the people. Of those who count, not the ones we hear in TV studios. Not People Like Us

Where Every Risk is an Opportunity

How China is using curiosity of the ‘Jasmine Revolution’ to spy electronically on democracy supporters—even in India

The Fragile Future of Egypt

Cries for freedom are welcome, but will Islamist forces allow true democracy in the Arab world?


Photographers, artists and writers from across the world come together in this book to discuss the erosion of democracy and shrinking of freedom

Non Argumentative Indians

If you expect youngsters in Parliament to rejuvenate Indian democracy, prepare for disappointment. Their record so far offers no inspiration.


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