The Persistence of Democracy

Ullekh NP

Stein Ringen offers a new definition for democracy and hits out at sceptics

An Endearing Enigma

How does one explain India abroad?

Modi Still Has a Story to Tell

He succeeded because he rejected the politics of failure

Power of the People

Cracks in social foundations can break up democracies

‘Kyiv now fights for the future of all human beings’

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, Musician, in coversation with Rahul Pandita

What Democracies Owe Ukraine

A federation of democracies can still save freedom—with ideals and arms

The Yogic Way

The UP vote is more about Modi’s effect than about Modi himself

IIM Calcutta: The Democracy of Decisions

Debate is key to critical thinking and self-expression at the oldest Indian Institute of Management

Is Democracy a Vaccine?

Covid and the poligarchy of India


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