Whose Democracy Is It Anyway?

Suhel Seth

The winner is all that matters. Not the liberal noise

India’s Twin Dividends

Demography and democracy will determine the country’s economic rise

The Frontline of Democracy

On a visit to the home village of top Maoist commander Hidma in Bastar, Siddharth Singh finds ground domination and a humanitarian outreach are containing Maoist terror

Dance of the Defectors

BJP isn’t taking them in to empty out the opposition. There’s a larger message

Politics of Hate

Derision diminishes democracy

Stringent Restrictions

To ensure elections were sanitised beyond recognition

Three Cheers for Democracy

This year will disappoint anyone planning another tome on its unravelling

A Doctrine of Dignity

Ashwani Kumar’s new book is a compelling argument for justice

AI and Democracy

Will humans become dispensable in the future of politics?


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