A Word to the Offended

S Prasannarajan

Modi came to power by demolishing taboos. Some of his one-dimensional followers want to create new ones

Blame It on the Totem

What we see today is not the unravelling but a reminder of democracy's tenacity and elasticity

In Praise of Civic Nationalism

India has survived all the stresses and strains that have beset it for over seven decades because it maintained consensus on how to manage without consensus

We the People

When democratic impulses defy authoritarianism in China and Iran

Democracy at Stake

Celebrate the spirit of the Constitution instead of swearing on it

The Order of the Fabulist

Trump is just one of them

Truth Alone Triumphs. But Whose Truth?

Indian democracy imposes no narrow conformities on its citizens

US wants to drop Julian Assange in a penal hellhole for life: John Pilger

America wants to deter the truth-telling Assange has inspired the world over, says renowned author and documentary filmmaker John Pilger

The Persistence of Democracy

Stein Ringen offers a new definition for democracy and hits out at sceptics

An Endearing Enigma

How does one explain India abroad?


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