‘It is a historian’s task to explain how things fall apart or come together,’ says Neeti Nair

Ullekh NP

Neeti Nair in her new book examines censorship and the state of free speech in South Asia. The historian in conversation with

Tarnishing Brand India

What they do in the name of democracy

The Normalisation of Evil

No dictator today is denied the freedom of playing out his paranoia on a global stage

Ghost of the Past

A tale of how one horrific incident can echo through a life

Leave Aside Democracy Please

When politicians equate their simulated victimhood with a crisis in democracy

Of Liberal Nationalists and Illiberal Liberals

Why liberal works better as an adjective

The Dynastic Archipelago

Opportunism is the signature of Indonesian elections

The Workers’ Utopia

Unimplementable ideas to get Parliament to function

Bring Back Dignity Please

How to deal with badly behaving MPs

Showcasing Democracy

The future of the Prime Ministers’ Museum and Library


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